The poem that skipped a day
Playfully grabbed my behind

The trip abroad that I ought to have planned
Called to tell me it was breaking up

The big lunch I just ate
Poised itself, so that it’s feathers could glisten in the sun

The stupid things which I had yet to do
Crawled out of the moon and slapped me with their eyes

The massage I really needed rolled it’s eyes and went back to playing video games

The painting I never finished remembered my Birthday, and selected the most thoughtful gift

The view out of my window sold me three for the price of one

The noises on the street sat untouched until they went bad

The bottle of wine I was saving got a ticket and had to move

The memories of my loved ones crusted in my eyes while I slept

The cool breezes of today were hatched in deathly still drought, their parched mouths gasping, their hands reaching futilely down a bare well.

The toes on my feet which remember the cold of freshly tilled soil, bought scalped tickets to a Michaelangelo.

The lamplight spread it’s toe beans and silently waited to pounce

The scrabble game locked itself in the bathroom


Modern mansions scattered like exploding clay skeet