how doo I end…? I type in the search engine  

google wants money says there is no place    for all my waste
there is no more space    you will get no emails it yells in my face with words and caution symbols exclamation emojis     while      the apple sits rotting beneath fingertips
gently tapping coded messages poems on the page      become oooohhh soooo fuunny repitition of letters    documents take more time to correct than write while     right hand fingers cramp   tire  of the never ending thread that refuses to break       thread of mistakes       the AC isn’t working        money money money     is all it will take honey
upgrade      you need more storage      I doon’t need storage  quit ripping me off     i want too rant   I have too much space on my boook       I want to stand up for my rights     I have rights too yoou know but who the eff hears me????  http:/www. j
ust cause I’m old    because I am woman  broken American    undereducated but bright dooesn’t mean yoou can take my $$$ upgrade      upgrade my ass    what about my knees    what about my lack oof memory      the  bones   the eyes that barely see the goood times keep on rolling    roolling     rowing down the river    helps brew with coffee
the grounds enrich the groond while the crys are grounded
  trod upon       helps and see me pleas       bypass deaf ears 
help the peacock bellows      today cost $7000 easily   and google
threatens me     and google    wants     money
help Cathy cries      froom the depths      of her technological    helplessness