Perused the bookstore
Found a guide on “finding your inner voice”
Maybe this is it

Borrowed an Enneagram book from a friend
Glad I didn’t buy it, that would be a very Type 4 thing to do
I feel confident about this being it

Started to put myself out there more
Going out for drinks and swipe, swipe, swiping
Friends and family are convinced this is it

Threw some resumes around town
All those books and drinks aren’t paying for themselves
Even if this isn’t it, it’s a start

No, it’s actually nothing you damn fool, keep running around randomly like a headless chicken, all the while ignoring the things in your life that are truly important, always looking for the next exciting thing, which you won’t enjoy anyway, so just sit down shut up and go to sleep already it’s three thirty in the morning and you’re gonna have hell to pay and it’s ALL YOUR FAULT!

Decided to cut out the booze and smoke
Nothing is permanent, I’ll come back when I’m ready
A good night’s sleep will only help me find it quicker

Tried my hand at meal prep
Axed gluten and dairy, only cage free, farm fresh
For me, this very well could be it

Dirtied up my hands with some hobby gardening
The basil already wilted and died, but the chives are resilient
I already know this isn’t it

Scheduled another invasive procedure
One day I’ll get to the bottom of this, but please, dear god
Don’t let this be it