In 2014 the Maysville, Ky writers group, Old Washington Wordsmiths, sponsored a public reading by poet laureate, Frank X Walker. Local businesses donated the funds for Frank to also conduct a two hour workshop for local high school students interested in creative writing. Following is a part of my journal’s impressionistic recording of his lecture. It contains two of the five parts of his presentation. NB: these are not Frank’s exact words, only my own poor

1) Visual Perspective
A straight line
On white paper
Is an Open Door
Two beautiful women 
Stand on each side
One in, One out
Add a line
That looks Capital
But you’re not allowed
To say L
It’s a literal deadend
A clock eating stillness
An alleyway with
A chair flipped
Go up with a line
And you have
A field goal
Steak knife
One across the top
A rectange becomes
A book-the bible
A podium, a slammed door
Next a circle inside is
A camera, caution
Light, full moon,
Bird’s eye view of
Sledgehammer, looking
Down the barrel of a 45
How can this figure be 
All these things?
You do it with words

2) The Myth of the Wooden Teeth
imagination, imagine
you’re a black man
in Mount Vernon, singled
out for inspection,
of the mouth, open wide,
wider, wider, three 
of these will do, then
five men holding you
to the ground, metal mouth
wrench like a hammer
to the head, this is you,
YOU, left bleeding there
writhing, a dirty rag
to staunch the bleed,
this is you, part of you
in a museum, not as you,
but as Presidential Denture