My wife’s the one who brought me Kevin.

She’s known around the world for doing stuff like that.


If we happen to be together,

she’ll gift me little things

right on the spot

like that one time

in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Denmark

not the one we drive through when visiting Fort Drum

but the real one

where we saw the Czechoslovak puppeteers

and she went right up to them and said,

“My boyfriend has a question for you”

and thumbed in my direction

when I didn’t have a question


a clue.


And if she’s off

by herself

on one of those old-lady walks she likes so much to take

she’ll bring the little gifties home

when she good-and-well decides

the time has come for feeling something like


and she’ll gift them to me then.


Sometimes she’ll bring me stories,

other times she’ll bring me ginko leaves or such-like stuff –

you know the kind of stuff –

stuff designed to let me know how smart I am

to love her.


And this time 
she brought Kevin.