you know I ain’t stupid,

and I know you ain’t stupid enough to think I’m stupid, 

so trust me

when I tell you

I know for a fact

that Kevin ain’t no Jack and Jack ain’t no Kevin neither.

But they could’a been,

both of ‘em,

they could’a been.


I’m figurin’ y’all know Jack

or heard of him at least.

I mean, there’s lotsa tales about him and all of ‘em are mostly true

save one.

You know the one I’m talkin’ ‘bout’s a lie, right?

A total


fabricated lie?

It’s got beans in it 

and I’ll be good’n’damned if you ever hear that tale from me,  

because you won’t.

But still,

there’s lotsa other tales ’n pert’near evra’body’s heard ‘em 

so pert’ near evra’bod’ knows Jack

or thinks they do,

e’en if the Jack they think they know is just the lie about the beans.

But Kevin?

Hardly anyone knows Kevin

unless their wife had brought him home to do a piece o’work aroun’ 

the house



unless they had the news on that one night last December

when they showed his picture on the screen

and said Amanda’d shot him dead.