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Lexington Poetry Month
Knock Out Punches
article by
mari leet
Knock out Punches  
Children’s journey
Friends in opposition
Information overload
Bashing by Bullies
High expectations!      


Moments of achievement
Doing the greater good
Clarified responsibilities
Death of Goliath
Abundant living!  

We breathe!!!

5 responses to “Knock Out Punches”

  1. Jim Lally says:

    Let me be the first: way to go!
    Well constructed, plenty to chew on.

  2. Steve Cummings says:

    ‘Bout time you showed up. It was worth the wait.

    Life might be too complicated if “clarified responsibilities” is a victory

  3. michelle johnson says:

    so proud of how far you’ve come with your writing.

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