stop, for a moment, and think about this–
our bodies are designed to intake sustenance
through our mouths and expel
solid waste through our digestive system

teaching us the lesson of absorbing what 
brings us lifeenergy
and discarding that which does not

our skin serves as the barrier that
protects all within, though sun
and water and tiny creatures
do travese the layers, to greater 
or lesser impact

our genitals serve as entry 
or exit for reproduction
and also allow for the
expelling of liquid waste

our noses
assist in respiration
and sensing and 
catching small particles 
in their nostril hair

the external ears are designed
to scoop up sound waves
and spin them into the 
inner ear for decoding

but have you ever thought 
about the purpose of tear ducts?
they turn inner pain or strong emotion
into physical droplets that our bodies

from inner experience to external physical objects–
there is a lesson there, no?