But Babe, I was the one that was supposed to take care of you!                    Jim , cancer

She said I was not allowed to come to her dad’s funeral and she told me about his death on a goddamn voicemail not even in person!  Dave, suicide

Marie you shouldn’t be cleaning up like this and taking care of me all by yourself.  Dad , cancer

I can’t stay here anymore, Mom. He cheated on me and this world has no place for me anymore!  Gail, suicide

I see your dad. He is ready for me to join him. I love you more than you will ever know!  Mom, cancer

Let me move back home, I miss you!  Neal, heart attack

Ha! It was a shock to me, too! I just never woke up today. I’m sorry I won’t see those three young boys grow into men but I know they are in good hands. Keep Boompa’s memory alive for them. I’ ll be with him getting things ready for you both. Enjoy your lives to the fullest. Serve others. I will always love you. Take good care of Clancy for me!   Me, natural causes