In my lifetime, I’ve sat through
too many long- winded,
brow-beating sermons that provide
no more soul-nourishing nutriments
than a slice of dry toast.
        I am the bread of life.
Do we provide our congregants
with anything that sustains
their lives, or tools to help them navigate
life’s treacherous paths, problems aplenty?
        I have come that you might have life,
        and have it more abundantly.
Isn’t the gospel more than just
a promise of prosperity?
We follow a book of order, a prescribed
liturgy, a lectionary, and stand proud
and pious before the people
much like the Pharisees.
        Send the people away so they can go
to the surrounding countryside
and buy themselves something to eat. 
Jesus said, “You give them something to eat.”
We have failed to feed the hungry.

We stare at our loaves and fish and wonder
why someone doesn’t send a food truck
to the multitude.