June begins most chaotically
against the backdrop of a mad world,
infected now with two viruses–
one of our own making.
Life has carried on this way
for centuries. In many ways, 
our New World not new at all.
The rivers of this nation 
run still with the tears of 
native tribes silenced
to make room for the loud voices 
of white men.
Our country built up 
on the backs of the broken,
brought here from foreign lands
to forge a nation in our own image.
Freedom for whom?
And when? And how much?
Our black brothers and sisters–
too long they have waited,
so long they have suffered.
And meanwhile this pandemic wages
its microscopic battle for our lungs.
But now while we are able, 
let us fill them up,
use them to cry out 
for all those oppressed!
Our words only a beginning,
a rallying cry, an act of defiance,
lines of truth in the face
of lies and injustice,
for all those trampled underfoot
in the name of Capitalism 
or even Freedom–
the irony thick and sick.
With what can we fight?
We have this month of June
and these white pages
waiting to be filled and shared.
Let’s start here.