It should have been a sign
That UB40’s Red Red Wine
Was my favorite song, ages five to nine

(It made me feel fine)

And for narrative symmetry
And if you ask my mom
who’s been saving me a seat since 1999

maybe it was.

I always thought I’d show her
Til the month that I got sober
Of course it was October

For the rhyme scheme and because
I didn’t know then
how much peace the booze was buying me

and it was

Because there’s much too much to forget
I’d ordered up this perfect life and yet
Every night I’d tear apart and set

Aside my blue, blue heart.

(Don’t let me be alone)

I don’t know what it means
Here with my memories
And comorbid diagnoses
In a brain that keeps trying to kill me.

That pressure and time can turn Diamonds into light reggae songs

But it does