Spring is cool here
Holding its breath I guess
The sky slowly turns blue
Waiting for the exhale  

Daffodils flurry the yard
Nodding their yellow kindness
I think I lost kindness this year
Is there a spell for reawakening?  

A wren paced the window sill
Yesterday then tapped the glass
In some sort of Morse code I didn’t get
What is the sign for forgiveness?  

Today the voice goes dry
Gritty sand clogging my throat
Chia seeds swelling in gelatinous glee
How hollow is absence?  

The buildings have all gone dark now
Like uncertain endings
Nightly hours stuff with lazy minutes
Should I take up knitting?  

This morning someone leaves a plant at my door
Its green offer soothing my soiled heart      
I gently place it near an open window
Both of us bowing toward the light