(after Thomas Paine)

She asked for help, the Goddess of Liberty,
but no chariots of light ever came.
Ten thousand celestials lost their way
as she gripped her torch, her failing flame.
Misinformation spread across her nation,
where millions with millions disagree.
She pledged to us safety and compassion,
yet here topples what she planted: our Liberty Tree.
We the people are manipulated and divided,
as tired and tempest-tossed as before.
The fame of our fruit said to sprout united,
to feed all from shore to peaceable shore.
Quickly we cling to perspectives believed true,
bound to our tasks and our routines daily.
With distracted spirit endued, over time fatigue ensues.
These roots cannot hold, not for you, not for me.
In the beginning, as with the empires of old,
our ancestors adapted, died, expanded trade.
While some accumulated property and gold,
we all inherited visions of the grand and the great.
“Red vs Blue” is a lie by pandemonium supplied.
Lady Liberty led us to live connected, respected, and free.
It’s us against weapons of mass deception. It must be decided:
secure our blessings and preserve our Liberty.