Four score and four,
relatively unscathed
but for a prostate gone bad
cloudy skies in the eyes
a bum knee that was awarded

a purple heart, and death
taking his toll in the matter
of love.  Numerous times.
I spend this day having it out
with melancholy. I’m off

the houseboat, off the Dix,
off to the gated state of old age,
told Penelope to stay away today,
all her sunshine when l want
overcast. She and Narayan

convey me early tomorrow to Cincy
for some viritual Van Gough, 3D
I won’t be able to see, then a night 
on the town to drown my sorrow
at Friday’s fright flight to Tampa Bay

I promised Penelope a sort of bio
when she started me on this site
but I’ve only dittered with the day-
to-day of my unexpected expulsion.
She understands, says next year,

when I have more time sitting
around watching for the alligator
with Dr. Hue, says it’s a start.
So okay then.
Au revoir