Never tell your age again!
Each drop
of this potent serum
will release millions of rejuvenating
molecules to your skin.
The more you live the younger
you will look.  

Self aggrandizement
accounts for only 8% of habitual liars.
(BTW we are all habitual liars)  

Past transgression
is a much meatier phenomenon
motivating 22% of all liars.
Their stories about the past
ensure they have been, and will remain,
the ultimate hero of their own narrative
Of course I smoked pot in college,
everybody did.
Me though, I didn’t inhale,
and I didn’t have sexual relations
with that woman in the Oval Office.  

My son tells a story
where I insult his girlfriend,
unpleasantries are exchanged,
and I tell them to get out of my house.
Fabrication, whole cloth from fragments
and thin air, now woven so tight,
repeated so many times,
that his brain has changed the synapses.
When he accesses that memory engram
he recalls the scene vividly.
He tells the whole truth
and nothing but the truth.
Egregious, brazen, deceit.  
Hero and habitual liar.  

Just like me.