between the galaxies– 
darkness, beyond our imagining.
the galaxies themselves,
tiny islands of light.

what we call “matter”
is only 4% of the volume–
the rest of the universe
is this unyielding darkness.

darkness is not the absence of light.
it is the absence of matter–
a void of tragic emptiness.

yet, i am filled with light.
surrounded by darkness,
still, i am filled with light.

sometimes the light
heat in my heart
warming my lips
and fingertips.

sometimes the darkness
over my soul,
attempting to estinguish
the flickering light.

always, there is hope.
so long as there is 
even a little
there is hope.

i will stay in the light
as best i can
and leap away
from encrouching

come with me.
we will stand
and fight
the bitter night.

two lights are better
than one.