I’m lying here like a lizard on a rock.
I’m gonna burn like a sinner in hell,
for reasons that I know too well.

I shoulda covered up in pants and maybe socks.
But my body is a burnin up,
and the pain is really gonna suck.

Jump back, jump back, jump back into the swimming poo-ool oh.
  Let it coooooool.
From yer head to your toes.

The sinners in hell, you know they aint got no choice. 
They ain’t got no voice.
Cause the words burn up just as soon as they leave their lips.

So Im lying like a lizard on a big ol burning rock.
Lying like a man at the exit,
with a stolen pack of socks.

Turnin and a burnin and a gettin brown in the sun.
Hot as a hand on the barrel, on the barrel of a machine gun.

Smokin like a pool room in 1993.
See the pile of ashes on the chair, that is me.

Screaming hello all the way to the gates of hell.
I don’t wanna know you any better and it’s just as well.