I was late with the lunch today
And for that I was chastised  

The Blue Jay lands on the iron table  
Cocks its head, ruffles its feathers, and jeers
Where are my peanuts, lady  

The squirrel scurries to the back door
Stands on its hind legs and taps on the glass
Where are my peanuts, lady  

The chipmunk darts out from its lair
Sniffs the air and stamps its front feet
Where are my peanuts, lady  

I see and obey
Opening the door, I sprinkle shell peanuts
The squirrel grabs a peanut and buries it in the grass
The jay grabs a peanut and flies to a tree
The chipmunk stuffs its cheeks until they bulge
Five peanuts full, it scampers back to its lair  

The lunch lady’s work is done