I spend the morning trying/ to remember what it is I have to do.
I make a list in order of importance:
1. submit poems to KSPS contests—both close June 30
shit today is June 27
2. write a poem or something
3. do PT exercises-did already and am now my list is out of order
4. look up side effects and research of efficacy on people with TBIIs for memory enhancing drugs Aricept, Namenda, Exelon/ my GP says I might should consider taking 
5. prepare for tonight’s comedy/talent show Thunderdome Balls hosting gig in Louisville at Planet of the Tapes

I type on the computer keyboard,/ this counts as writing/even if I ‘m not using a pen/ even if it’s just a list/ list poems are a definite type of poem /
and making is creating,
and I’m using words,
attempting eloquence and alliteration. This will suffice
as LexPoMo’s today poem.

Yes people, this is a poem./ Especially if I insert slashes and dashes/
for line breaks, don’t forget line breaks.

Exelon is a Chicago based utility corporation/
on the surface appears to have nothing/ to do with enhancing memory.
I’m curious, but must stick to the script/ the list,
but wait — home careers—do I want a career with Exelon,
maybe they are the makers of this drug/ I’m tempted to go, to see
if this is the company for me, for cures to my ailments/
financial and cranial?
I resist the urge/ reverse the cursor/ don’t go there. Go where?
Different search words reveal:
Rivastigmine administered 2 hours after closed head injury reduced edema and accelerated recovery. What about 24 years after/ one‘s memories and life fell/ to the earth to become one/ with compacted soil never/ to return to the brain they left?/ Is this drug to fix this frigging mess-of-me?/ Side effects—dizziness, diarrhea, depression,/ memory loss, skin rash, insomnia, blurred vision,/ etc…—the list is long—many things I already struggle with,/ in one way or another, /some not yet, but I know/ I sure as hell don’t want to risk/ burning sensations along with my frequent urinations!

Shit I forgot to put on my list;
read emails and respond/ to those that warrant response,/ delete what needs deleting, /like all the things my mind deletes minute by minute.