Nothing is more rewarding
Than a fully realized, long-term friendship
One so full of idiosyncarcies and
For once, I feel like a wine expert
Capable of tasting every tannin, every note
Each region the grapes come from

I’ve gone from smoking cigarettes
Under the cover of darkness
To sneaking you up the balcony and
Into my bed
To driving myself away
Literally and figurtively
In haste, when I couldn’t face to look you
In the eye
To driving by your upstairs window
At the stop light
Hoping to share a goofy exchange
All the the way to now
In some ways closer than ever

I may always do a double-take
When I see your make and model on the road
But I don’t have the raw urge
To do a U-ie in the middle of traffic and
Race you down
I know you’ll be there
I don’t have to ask to know

And yet…
I catch myself wanting to ask
What…I’m not sure
Just a nagging feeling
Of wanting more
And wondering if that will ever
Not be the case
I want to ask you the same
But you’ll never tell me
‘Cause that’s not our deal