accept a connection

The accept call is used
with connection-based types.

It extracts the first connection request on the queue.

The newly created argument
is filled with communications.

The exact format is determined by family
(see the man).

when a new connection is attempted
you may accept.

saves extra calls to achieve the same result.

See the description for reasons
why this may be useful.


no connections are present to be accepted.
check for possibilities.
A connection has been aborted.
The call was interrupted before a valid connection arrived;
The limit has been reached.

Listening behavior differs from the canonical implementation. should always explicitly accept.

historical implementations required this, and applications are wise to include it.

There may not always be a connection waiting
the connection might have been removed
by another.

If this happens, then call for the next connection to arrive.

certain protocols require an explicit confirmation. Confirmation can be implied, and rejection can be implied.

Currently, only semantics.

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