Social Justice Warrior
To me means a college kid
In a balaclava
Pepper spraying a co-ed
While protected by campus police

But it may mean something different to you

Each word so rich in texture

Warrior – a person whose profession it is to kill

Justice – Official fairness
As officials change and change and change
What is fair
It was Just to gas a Jew in 1942
And Just to throw a gay off a tall building today
In some places

Social – means a lot of things
From ice cream to media
But combined with justice
Has always been another synonym
For socialism

Now Marx may have been the most smartest genius
Who ever thunk a thought
But his ideas have been tried and tried and tried
And succeeded exactly zero times
In Venezuela right now it’s working so well
The average guy’s lost 20 pounds

When I was young we were taught to say
Question Authority

But a Social Justice Warrior
By definition
Must have some authority 
They cannot question

They wouldn’t kill in the name of nothing
Would they?