(none of this may not be true)

What do I want?
What is freedom? The extreme case:

Do whatever I want, whenever I want
Have all that I need whenever I need it
Have it any way I want as long as I want it
Do anything I want to anyone I want to whenever I want to
Believe whatever I want until I want to believe something else

But you probably want these things, too
And you and you and you
So we cooperate
Cooperation equals less freedom.

I can volunteer my freedom
You can take it by force
Or offer recompense

I have an apple
I can give it to you
You can take it from me
You can pay me for it

When I’m starving, an apple is worth life itself
When I’m fat, I throw it at cats
But most of the time it’s worth an apple  

We codify our cooperation with rules and the worth of an apple with money

When you break a rule, you have a difficult problem
When I break a rule, I have a despicable vice

When you take my money, it is for the common good
When I take yours, I am a thief

Most of us are willing not to do things we don’t want done to us
But this is not universal

When we can’t cooperate, we form a group and pay people to force our desires on others
Until the group becomes large enough and powerful enough that all is just taken from almost everyone 

Let’s say we have cooperated and made a rule:

You cannot read this poem

You have 3 choices:

Not read the poem
Read the poem and tell no one
Read the poem and report your reading

The quality of our cooperation, our civilization
Is utterly dependent on each of us
Choosing not to read this poem

What did you choose?

                                                                   (please respond)