(None of this may not be true) (forgotten twice)

I know a terrorist
I sat in my house secretly
thinking uncharitable thoughts

Certain in my mind due to observation, gossip
and short, unwanted meetings
That the person who nobody thought was a terrorist
Was one

And I thought I could be a weirdo nutcase
Intolerant, pompous, paranoid
As I unobtrusively looked into
the trashcans outside the school every day
Knowing the terrorist had walked by

But I kept quiet
because I didn’t want anyone to know
my strange mind

Until the arrest for terrorism was made

I was so relieved, so thankful
I wanted to yell at everyone:
“See, I knew, why didn’t you?”

But I didn’t

Because I’m sitting in my house secretly
Thinking uncharitable thoughts
Not wanting anyone to know
my strange mind

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