Sultry summer night,
he croons, “fancy we
should meet like this”

“I’ve come to kill you”
is her mating hiss,

Cocky smooth,
quite debonair,
he smiles and combs
his single hair,

Scuttles close,
offers a gift,
three newly
chewed houseflies.

Obviously not impressed,
she rolls her
compound eyes,
and sighs.

Oblivious to this,
still, he feels so wise,
assures her that
he’s not
like other guys

even as
he fixates on her
verdant thighs.

she stoops,
turns round,
takes him inside,
then just as quick
she says, “good night”

puzzled he asks,
“But first, perhaps
a kiss?”

“Of course, lover”
she does oblige