Exercise #1  

pick a word
it can be any word
a common one is best
say ego:  then say ego, ego, ego,
not too fast, not too slow
a sixty cycle rate should do
until ego doesn’t mean ego
doesn’t mean anything anymore
it has become a sound
two sounds
a long vowel and a short consonant vowel
this is called Semantic Satiation
make a commitment
do at least twenty words a day  

Exercise #2  

when you have a little time
stand in the mirror
and look at your face
start with a dim light say 25 watts
do not look for defects
too fat too thin
to wrinkled
do not smile and do not
show your teeth
keep looking until you begin to lose
the attachment
to the reflection as being your face
keep looking until you lose
the sense
that the reflection is anyone’s face
in particular
it is a distorted face shifting in identity
but hang on
work up to full brightness
this is called derealization/depersonalization
it does run the risk
of becoming permanent
like crossing your eyes in a thunderstorm  

Exercise #3  

if you work hard on perfecting these techniques
you may be able to enjoy
prolonged periods
of moving through the world as no one
saying words
unburdened by trying to make them anything
but sounds you learned
as a baby
this is called being a baby
or being
a totally new thing unto itself  

Exercise #5  

now sit down at your computer
stare at the keyboard
not at each letter and figure
but the visual gestalt
of white on black
if you are an experienced typist
use only two fingers
and visa versa
begin to type
plausible sentence and paragraph structures
with no syntax and no story and no grammar
except for periods
use only geographic imagination
to guide your fingers
this is called
hypertextual metapoetic incongruous fixity


practice all these techniques
preferably while groveling at the feet
of a master who does yoga and zen
and has been in therapy for decades
in a few years
of this kind of intense work in destabilizing
the very essence of language
your poetry will grind like pure number theory
in a Bible Study
you will be ready to submit
your work
many places heretofore beyond your reach
to The Gettysburg Review
to Poetry
to The New Yorker!