He says
me and Donald Trump
have something in common
I don’t measure up

And maybe if I got this in my head
It’d make a difference in how I disagree
“The power of the tongue has life and death”
My tongue has torn down cities
Building up my ego
I haven’t convinced you
I’ve got one less nail than you
in my savior’s body?

Jesus outed those
who imposed
religious restrictions
Their lives only meaningful
by comparison

Brother, thank you for reminding me,

the only thing worse than being a tax collector
is being proud you’re not a tax collector


the only thing worse than being a bad president
is being proud you’re not a bad president

This isn’t really about Trump
It’s the way I speak
to you, to my wife, to my family
It’s forgetting that
My Father, he’s given me
The power to petition
So I can speak life over all
And choose

a wrecking ball in the tongue
or a sword in the spirit