it keeps coming around 
emotions run high
is it because we humans have made this the day we get back to work
or because the moon has stuck out his foot and is there giggling in the sky as we writhe on the ground where we’ve tripped
abashed as I am by the day’s decent in this way like a falcon swooping onto road
didn’t even see it coming
the trickster, nearly full and glowing
this thick-aired wet-hot break of day
it is futile to pull on my gloves hold them high guarded
who will throw the first punch
it has already landed 
between the sternum of dream
and this light glow of day
there is tomorrow after all
defend myself today I can
but it will probably be better if I simply nod
at his smirk regardless of the knowing intention
and go about my life all the same
I wonder if this will make him more
pissed off
he’s sure to let me know next