to the elderly man mocking me
Sir, this is my first hill of the day
pumping your arms
marching your feet
will not make me pump harder
It’s not how fast I get there
It’s about my destination
here for the long haul
Climbing these hills forty years
Longer than cyclists here have lived

They don’t mock me
marvel at my consistency
I know every hill on this journey
when to down shift, coast or 
shift to a higher gear

Seen many on my journey
through the years disappear
the slim woman walking in a dress
an old white man running barefoot
the black woman with many dogs 

I wonder where they have gone
as others will wonder one day
where I too have disappeared
right now I’m enjoying the ride
focusing on getting to work on time

So much in Central Park to enjoy
the shade and diversity of many trees
beautiful landscaping of the grounds
flowers, meer, waterfalls, ponds
birds, squirrels, raccoons and toads

Figured out how to make an unpleasant 
journey pleasurable so its not only the
destination its also the how I traveled
I ride at my pace on the road of my choice 
Upon arrival I make that my own as well