Birds greet each other, their many voices a mass choir they make.
Their songs a nature’s Pandora to my ears.
No subscription required.

Twigs snap, crack, and pop under the weight of my gait. 

High in the sky beyond the gray cloud veil, the roar of jets on mysterious journeys.

All at once, my ears hear the hum and sputter of metal machines, Carrier, Pane, and Trane. When the temperature goes up, The sounds intensify.

Drip, drip, drop turns to trickle, trickle flow. The drip the drop the flow, the water falls splashing in the fountain below.

Good morning, from a passing jogger, and from my voice greeting two dog walkers.
The voice of the wind resonates through the deep dongs of a wind chime.

A bird whistled at me.
I smiled.

These are the sounds nature freely gives.
Pure, crisp, and unique sounds.

Music to my ears.