They say that no matter how good-looking she is
somewhere there’s a guy who’s tired of her shit.
And so it was with me and my Jeep: after fifteen
years, a transmission, three radiators ( she had an
antifreeze habit no one knew about) we broke up.

My neighbor’s son had a thing for older women
and despite my reservations, I let him take her
home. Whenever he’d come over to visit his dad
I’d get the kind of twinge I imagine people have
when their ex moves in with someone they know.

It’s been a couple years and since the kid
is having fun with her I don’t feel too bad
about the five grand. I no longer worry that
as he learns all her secrets she might tell
him some of mine as well.  She’s holding up
nicely and seeing them together I get
why I fell for her all those years ago.