As I sit and think about you

I hold on to the feeling of hugging you

I remember the secrets we shared

And the tears we lost

I drive and ponder on the thought

Of why I feel so alone

With headlights and moving bodies


It’s a constant feeling

Knowing I have to wait to see you again

To sit with you again

I close my eyes and try to go back

And reminiscence on our memories

I look up in the sky and hope

You aren’t all alone

I know you’re always with me

And I’m always with you

But every time I drop a tear,

Crack a smile,

Or have a crazy moment

I wish I could drive home

And tell you.

It’s almost been a year

And I don’t know how I’ve gotten through it

But I know you’re spirit

has been with me the whole way.

My greatest best friend,

I miss you

And I’ll forever be holding on to your paw

And you’ll forever be a part of me.