We lived in the
House my father built
for two years
We had to move
Because my dad went off
with another woman
and her three kids

Mom rented a house across
the street from school
for the 6 of us.
She stood on the porch
holding the littlest one
and watched us walk to school.
We lived there one year
Mom did such a good job
fixing up the place
the owner raised the rent
and we had to move.

On April fools, I told everyone
that we were moving
to another town.
The kids in class thought I was
Mrs. Reed, my second grade
teacher, pulled me aside
and took me on her lap.
She knew this was
no joke.
She was old and kind and had
wet eyes
She held me and told me
everything would be ok,
then gave me a pack of
Juicy Fruit gum