I hate humanity today
& by that I mean, the inhumanity on
rampant, unending display. Everyone –
*everyone* you know
is a medical time-bomb ticking, some of us
exploded from the moment of birth. This
should not ever
demean our value, but armchair eugenicists
bold or sly speak otherwise. I am
a knot of rage today; solar plexus become
molten roiling core. The only thing
still holding this body together
is a web of self-preserving fear.

This is exhausting.
I am exhausted.
As in emptied

want the multitudes in me to drive for a while
steer this smoking wreck of a life-raft
grant me something, *anything* like serenity behind
eyes that have seen too much *much* while
the harbours of far off lands call like Sirens
sweet-singing ‘come, come… come’ but
there is no seawall high enough
to ward this storm.
We are in it;
and will continue to be
until we aren’t.