Rain was in the forecast today.
We knew that, but boy did we find out
just how much rain was on the way.

It was all the better that the workday was gentler.
The steady pattering on top of cavernous trailers
soaked the cool, Big Ass Fanned inside
with just the perfect ambience for sitting back
and shootin’ some shit with some coworkers,
right until the downpours truly begin.
Those are times best spent inside a trailer
where the thundering will drown out the radio
(though to be fair, I keep my volume down
because I really don’t like some of the voices on there)

But when that downpour hits,
I like to watch down the line of dock doors
as everyone darts to the nearest window
or a pulled back weather strip,
all way too excited to see what could only be
sheets of water falling from the sky.

Those weather strips can be something of a joke, though,
allowing pools of water
to occasionally drive a forklift, through.
Nothing like that adrenaline spike
when you suddenly lose traction and control
of a machine weighing more than three cars.

Sometimes, if the wind is blowing toward the building
hard enough to turn the downpour horizontal,
it’llll carry the storm straight through one of those weather strips.
You’ll just be minding your own business
and doing your job
when suddenly you’re being rained on inside the building.

Of course, the hope is that the weather will shift
sometime before the end of shift
’cause no one wants to drive home in that.
Come clock-out time,
everybody who works more toward the inside of the building
will be gathered at the door, befuddled.
Ready to get baptized? one guy will ask
unaware that I’ve been listening to the beats of the storm all day.

I’m not scared, I declare
as I cut through the crowd,
no jacket or anything,
just strolling out into the torrent
as if it was a bright and shiny day.
I’ll be drenched before I get to the car,
but for me, I appreciate the opportunity
to go opposite of what everyone is thinking.
We get so caught up in the day to day
that we lose sight of the magic
of just being able to not care,
and in that sense, 
there is a baptism to be enjoyed here.

I have a good job with great benefits
and a less intrusive schedule
that allows me to live life
in a way that best suits me.
Sure, there’s bullshit and there are times
where I just want to throw something,
but at the end of the day,
the choice is mine
to give up or keep pushing on to tomorrow.

So I climb into the car with rainwater dripping
from my face, my hair, my hat, and my clothes,
engaging in a fit of laughter.
There will always be a downpour coming,
always be a day when I don’t have control of my surroundings
or have misfortune thrust on me,
but it is only I who can let the rain in.