My world, an opaque cube,
The emptiness, the sound of my creator.
I remember the sensation, of wind in my hair, I shake my head to my disappointment.
My hair falls flat against my back,
I sometimes travel to a world of yellow, enveloped by water my body rests.
I forgot to wash myself.
I spin, make the world into a tight circle,
I try to remember the sound of birds and the sound of knives and forks on plates.
My senses overload, I start to trip,
I hit my head against the floor.
My mind snaps.
I forgot to eat today, my mother said there’s tomorrow.
I choke on a cigarette, that I found under my bed.
I get nothing from it, but it alleviates my pain.
My lungs burn, but it’s a different sensation, yearning not hurting.
My shadow is my best friend, she watches me dance in the evenings.
Everyone else is outside my window, they don’t exist in my mind.
I wish I could remember what I find frightening, so I can scare myself out of here.
I slump against the wall and rub my bruise,
Today is just tomorrow.
The consequences of not escaping, 
The constant disembodied sounds are nothing to me. 
Like my shadow, they’ve become friends.