its the worst way i can imagine to wake up
some down on his luck prize fighter
a journeyman that has lost
his legs but still possessed through second nature
kneeling over top of you. then throwing overhand rights
to your rib cage for 22 minutes keeping time
with nothing other that opportunity
your mind says scramble and roll out
of bed and swing with all you got
reality is the best teacher. she tells you that you can
sit up maybe 3 or 4 inches at a time
giving one back with each tick. a toll road
sitting up is no better maybe
in the sense that you are able
to survey what is around you illuminated
by some light from the parking lot splitting
your blinds. knowing you should do something and not
having the capacity to render action is a poor mans torture
the kind that piles up with the day to day
traffic jams through the process of the body
just wanting to live. after 22 minutes of feeling life leaving
you don’t care if you die
you just want to sleep

and i did