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Lexington Poetry Month

Not Today

I want to hide in a box of paints
live there with a lonely painter

Scuff my feet along worn tiles of a craft store
breathing inspiration that smells like
wood shavings and tempera

Run my fingers over fabrics hanging in a row
dream of elegant dinner parties with handmade cloth napkins

Anything but read the news.

8 responses to “Not Today”

  1. Gaby Bedetti says:

    I am with you in every stanza the details are so sensuous and specific

  2. Jennifer Burchett says:

    Note: I’d like to tip my hat to Joni Mitchell, whose lyrics in “A Case of You” inspired the first two lines.

  3. I can feel and smell it all – wonderful!

  4. Melva Sue Priddy says:

    I’m right there with you, Jennifer!

  5. mtpoet says:

    Best of luck on this, as Australians dub, a walkabout…

  6. H.A. Spinelli says:

    This poem is a delight for the senses!


  7. Nina says:

    These are all that I want to do these days. Love the poem 🙂

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