Your pitch is off.  Please just mouth the words.   
Speak up.  Don’t mumble.  Mrs. Neff is giving
you an F if you don’t answer in class.  Answer,
but not too often.  Answer the office phone. 
Say what we told you to say.  And e-nun-ci-ate.  

Cat got your tongue?  Penny for your thoughts. 
Don’t rock your chair when you talk. Don’t start
with “um.”  Why say “you know?”  We don’t know.
We do know when you’re lying.  No “fuck” in this
house.  Better watch your mouth, young lady.      

Memorize.  Don’t plagiarize.  Learn to suck up
to the right people.  An inevitable ”I do.”  Work
on ”I don’t.”  Try your two cents, holding your
ground.  Shadow self unearths itself, screaming
aloud.  Recall the roar, but none of the words.