Tall pines hug the car from both sides.
We are cozy, listening to gypsy jazz,
bebop and blues, both of us drumming
our thighs.  We play a little Best memory, Best
meal (breakfast with feet in the sand, Casa
Cenote), Best view.    The road is smooth,
there are no deer in sight, our phones
have died.   Cyrille Aimee, accompanied
by her Brazilian guitarist, sings of adventures
that await —  There are places I’ve never been,
skies I have never seen, notes I have never sung
and then, sure enough, we blunder into
White Duck Tacos, its thickly painted aqua
picnic tables spread in the center of Hendersonville.
Here it is —  Tacos we have never eaten!
Mine, grilled duck with mole, smeared with
apple-cranberry salsa and crema, cozy in a pair
of warm soft tortillas.   So what’s next?  you ask.