My man he done just like I said.
I’m here to tell the truth whole
As I can make it out to be.

Don’t make it out, Mizris Gold.
You have to tell all the truth whether
It suits your story best or not. See?

See? I can see fine. It was him who
Missed the turn, hit the fence, killed
That man’s chickens. Left me blue.

It was a truck came at us, clear as.
Made my man swerve ‘fore he hit
And tore up jack with Jill throwed in .

The women was nowhere near the
Car or the truck or the chickens a’tall.
She’s pure lying to get me back.

Pray tell, Mrs Gold why did this poor
Woman want revenge so much she could
Dare lie out right in front of the judge?

Not tellin’. It’s mine to know and your’n
To guess and don’t bother me no more.
It’s what I said and that’s plenty enough.

I say when you are through.
Answer or face contempt. Law
Will be served and that’s a fact.

I’ve said my piece. Going home. Kids
To be fed. Let him go. Law or not
Whose going to milk? He’s a sorry
Driver but he milks fine, good full pot.

Judge, this witness is intolerable.
The case is made. She’s excused.
He’s guilty of tearing up the property
Leaving all dead or black or bruised.

Well now, said the Judge. I would hold
She about sums it up, kids hungry,
Plaintiff lying, chores waiting. Court finds
Merit lies with kids, cows and Mizriz Gold.

But Judge. No buts, Order in the court.