“Go then, there are other worlds than these.” 

                      —Stephen King, The Gunslinger


If I’m not special,

then maybe you’re not so special either.

If I’m so easy to leave behind,

then go ahead.

I will find other yous

in other realms.

So say goodbye,

and I’ll see you in the next life,

one where your heart isn’t so cowardly

and I’m still precious to you.


Because you come back to me,

a version of you

in another reality.

There’s a universe where you don’t leave.

So walk away,

and I’ll see you again

next time.


There are infinite yous.

I just have to find them.

And I won’t mind

that they never said

the tender words you did.


I’m going to find

your doppelgänger

and I hope someday

you’re jealous

that your double

makes love to me

better than you ever could.


I’m going to find the you that doesn’t hide.

I’m going to find the you

with commitment,

with follow-through.

I’m going to make him moan

my name.

Because a real man

could never walk away

from all I have to offer.


So go,

if you want to.

Because somewhere

out there

your twin

can’t get enough of me.

And he not only loves me,

he cherishes me

to the bone.


So make me

a memory,

because some day soon

I’ll be your favorite thought

and you won’t be able

to get me out of your head.


I hope the person

you’re giving your love to now

isn’t worth the love we made,

the love I’ll make

with you without you.


I know the love we had

can still be real

in another place.