I’m young, carelessly in love.
So I call in sick and here I am,
walking hand and hand with the thrill
of me and Ernie out on the open rode,
thumbs stuck out, wickedly free.
My first hitchhiking adventure,
learning the ropes from a pro.

Our playfulness attracts
two girls in a Mustang convertible,
ready to share their party with us
and exchange a few laughs.
For the next hour or so,
the ride is a communion of attitude.
At the E-Town exit,
we become each other’s history.

Back out on the road,
a trucker decides he likes out style
and welcomes us aboard.
We swap stories all the way to the lake
and right to Mary’s door.  Surprised,
she greets us with delight in her eyes
and a curious glance
at her son’s new sidekick.

While she makes us hobo coffee,
we discuss her artwork:
surreal dreamscapes 
illuminating the cabin walls,
connecting the three of us.

Our conversation turns
to less conventional topics, namely
angels, auras and all other things psychic.
Like it or not,
this is where the real odyssey begins,
my metaphysical enlightenment,
a flashlight beam
bringing the edges into focus.