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Lexington Poetry Month
Peace Walk
article by
Steve Cummings

Maybe you’re like me
Typically having a marginally positive attitude.
Then you allow the world in

While you were sleeping
Unimaginable senseless violent horror
The subtle happiness you didn’t realize you had
Is gone

Feelings of helplessness and despair
Have wandered in
Painted rose-colored glasses
A sticky shade of  dried blood brown  

You ask yourself
“What can I do?”  
“I am so _____ sick of this, what can I do?”

I can walk for peace.

Every Saturday morning at 8:30
I grab my flag and a sign
And I walk for peace
Just peace

I’m Don Quixote’s dumb little brother
Wishing the impossible
Expending actual energy for a hopeless dream. 

Or is it?
It doesn’t feel like it to me. 
Today I walked for two DC cops
And people on the London Bridge
Silently dedicated

I’m more tolerant, less angry,
More focused, less sarcastic. 
This miniscule commitment
Gives Peace  

Maysville, KY
2nd & Limestone
Every Saturday no matter what

9 responses to “Peace Walk”

  1. If it works for you, I’m all for it. The rest of us should at least try it.

  2. Gaby Bedetti says:

    I, too, am “Typically having a marginally positive attitude.” I take periodic walks around the block.

  3. S.L. says:

    I love this and major respect to you.

  4. Jim Lally says:

    Steve, same here. And I, major hypocrite that I am, have yet to join you.

    • Steve Cummings says:

      Well, that sucks, a peace walk creating anxiety and guilt! Don’t let that happen. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, dedicating and committing each to your dream. Stop well before passing out from hyperventilation. Feel that silly guilt flow away.

  5. K. Bruce Florence says:

    …worry not about LexPoMo being more discerning and rejecting those of us who are at best marginal. We are all so grateful to find a home where our words are accepted.
    By the way, you protest too much i.e. this poem is powerful and direct.

    K. Bruce Florence

  6. mtpoet says:

    You walk across & down the page is impressive…

  7. mari leet says:

    You go Steve Cummins!! Let there be peace and let it begin with me! I believe I have heard that somewhere! 🙂

  8. Pat Owen says:

    Good for you!

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