we used to sit together
on the porch swing
and watch the sun
come over the hill
while we drank coffee
and gossiped about
the neighbors
sometimes, we read our books,
pausing from time to time to ask
“How is yours?” or “Close to the end?”
sometimes, after dinner, we would bring out
dessert and watch the stars come out
i remember the last time we
sat on the porch swing,
discussing what the doctor had said
now you are dead
now, i can’t walk past
that swing
i can’t do a lot of things
i used to do–
we used to do–
i remember one Sunday morning,
the skies were clear, the birds
were singing, and you– 
sitting right next to me, 
keeping me warm in the cool
of early Spring
you kissed me
didn’t say anything
just kissed me
and it was the most
real kiss i ever had–
my heart dancing,
the porch swing creaking
as you rocked us, gently,
back and forth from
one side of eternity
or other