We know we can talk about the weather,
no argument there.
But what if it were different?

What a beautiful day,
becomes a source of contention.

What kind of sicko are you?
Who’s standard of beauty are you using?

A well-dressed couple comes to your door.
We’d like to talk to you about the latest forecast.

I have my own forecast, you say
as you slam the door in their faces.

The talking head on T.V. gives his opinion.

Disaster Dan on that other station
says there is going to be a hurricane
like he knows about hurricanes.

If I say there is going to be a hurricane,
it’ll be the most destructive hurricane
anyone has ever seen. People say
I forecast the biggest hurricanes.
Everyone says that.

People fighting over clouds
People fighting over thunder
People fighting over rain

Maybe we should go back to talking
about politics or maybe religion.
It might be safer.