These staved and staid, impervious sayings
long hung like a mop of penumbrous tresses
troubling sparse and sunken rafters
donned among yeomen, rigid sententiae,
lore, or the plumb-perfect proverbs picked
amid sap-stiffened locks, the emollient withe
and ebullient osier, tresses a skeletal elder’d combed
among tortuous staffs of his termagant’s tedious
worksongs searing and tearfully taut along
platted pates, among dimpling simpers
children sleave from the wizened brows
or crow’s feet cramped upon preening prows
or the ebonied lanterns mildly sage-eyed sisters
stoked with a storybook’s sallowing,
dog-eared dictums fed and enlivened
with luminous frenzy, nerve, and whimsy;  

scourge among bottomless prophets pursed,
immuring in dry-rotted verses broken truths
contorted in tangling proofs, perfecting
the finicky flip of a pancake—  

Muse how the proofs of umplumbably perfect
truths fan flush against logics’ lenses
stricken, snuffed, effaced, fordone,
now thrust or threshed against contradiction’s
sullenly smoldering sternum.