We spotted our quest—
untouched lots of weeds
outside the city limits
it was the mid 1950’s
three third graders
with crafted machetes
we saw on TV
the three of us
faced the grasses
taller than we stood
in front of us was
the Amazon Jungle, Egypt, a desert island,
the whole of Africa
we were not in a field in Texas anymore
we were archaeologists, pirates, escapees from bad guys
we were searching for a secret passage, rescuing captives,
hunting down treasure
it all blended together
we were going from nowhere to somewhere
in the height of expectation
pushing us deeper into our mission
in full drama
with our machetes
hacking down grasses
with a life or death resolve
sweating bullets
in the summer sun
sharing in the freedom of
our passionate desire to
conquer the world
three kids making
a one day