The repurposed school bus rumbled to a stop.
All of us kids bounded on, tumbling over each other.
Our mothers barely spared us a glance as they puffed their Virginia Slims.
We crammed three to a seat, only getting a half spot on the outside.
It was a short trip but at least one unlucky end-sitter landed in the aisle.

For two hours we heard stories from the Bible,
Carefully spun yarns that glossed over the most brutal parts,
Sang songs about all the children-red, yellow, black, and white,
Evan as we swam in our all white sea,
Made macaroni Jesuses,
Played tag on the hot asphalt parking lot,
And “settled down” with a snack of red Kool-Aid and off-brand Oreos.

After properly staining our upper lips and possibly our pink play shirts,
We reloaded the bus and bounced home,
A little holier than when we came thanks to our night at Vacation Bible School.